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More Camino Training Photos

We have now done 12 days of training, 3 in a row just now. We pushed ourselves over the last few days covering more ground in total than before, reaching 30km on Thursday, 27 on Friday and 23 on Saturday. It was also extremely hot for the first two days and I found that quite tough, especially on the feet which heat up fast. Yesterday went well, probably because the temperature was so much lower.

Here are a few photos of our trips this week. Day one was a walk leaving from Monpazier in the Dordogne and going around Belves; day two began at Alex's parents' village, Limeuil, and took us to Tremolat; day three began in Les Eyzies with a lunch stop at Meyrals. All in the Dordogne. My favourite was probably yesterday's walk because it was cooler and I felt better generally.

Day One


Day Three

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