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About Me

I grew up in London, going to Godolphin and Latymer as a full-bursary student back in 1981. I spent nine years in higher education doing an honours in English Literature and Language (Oxford), several masters (York, Oxford), a doctorate (Oxford) and a teacher training certificate (London). These years of study were paused when I worked in advertising, travelled widely, and taught and lectured at Oxford. Back in London, I taught English at St Paul’s Girls’ School in London for nine years until 2011. After some tutoring in London and delivering various creative writing workshops to teachers and students in London schools, I found my way to South West France where I have been working as an online tutor.


The big passions in my life are teaching, reading (check out my profile on GoodReads) and writing. I am a contributor to the wonderful journal Slightly Foxed, have written some academic pieces including one for AQA A Level English Literature handbook, and a few pieces about my Camino de Santiago in 2017 have made it into print. I am also working on a novel: I finished the first draft in January 2024 and am now working on the second draft.

I love travelling and this has informed my writing and my choice of reading. I worked as an adventure travel tour guide for over two years in my late twenties and this gave me the chance to discover all about the culture and history of countries such as Jordan, China, and Egypt. Travelling inevitably inspired a love of languages and in October 2018 I sat a French exam for non-native speakers; this was an interesting experience for me and I was curious to see if I was able to follow my own advice for studying.


I enjoy sports too: yoga and swimming are hugely important to me; I SCUBA dive and ski; and I walk all the time, being lucky enough to live in the middle of a stunning landscape. In the autumn of 2017, I walked 1376 km to Fisterra in Spain, along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, raising over £5000 for ME research; and in January 2020 I went to New Zealand, experiencing some wonderful landscapes. More recently, I have been getting to know France better - walking more of the Chemin de Compostelle and going on yoga retreats in other parts of the country (learning to do yoga in French along the way).


… the inspiration and confidence you’ve given me over the last four years is invaluable… You have been my teacher, tutor, mentor and yet completely approachable.


Former student from St Paul's

You are a wonderful teacher who is inspirational and motivational. Thank you for everything… None of us will ever forget you and your amazing teaching.


Former student from St Paul's

I’ve really enjoyed your teaching over the years and you inspired my love of Hughes. ..I never thought I would like poetry, especially poetry that didn’t rhyme, but now it’s one thing I’m certain to carry on reading in my spare time. Thank you again.


Former student from St Paul's



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