I am currently FULL for regular lessons until September 2024 and 11plusConsultancy sessions until February 2023.  I am afraid I have had to close my waiting list. In the month in which I opened it again, I had 12 students join it. I am conservative with my list because it is impossible to predict when I can take on new students and I don't like letting people down. This is for lots of reasons:


  • I prioritise returning students and siblings of current or previous students.

  • I aim to have a mix of students and levels so that not all my teaching is 11 plus, for example.

  • Students have a habit of staying with me. I currently do enrichment lessons with four students who took their 11+ in 2021, 3 of whom are at SPGS and one at NLCS.

  • I do not teach many hours in a week.

Please fill in the form below only if you are applying to do the 11plusConsultancy from February 2023 and after. I have NO availability before I am afraid.

I am away on and off for much of the summer, so please don't worry if you don't hear back from me at once!

Thanks for filling in the form.
I will get back to you when
I have come back from my holidays!