Facts and Figures

Online tutoring


I have been working online since 2013 although many of you have only recently encountered it because of the pandemic. Given I live in France, it is a sensible option and allows me to connect with students all over the world.


I use Skype or Whereby to talk to and see my students, and an interactive colourful teaching platform programme called Scribblar. I create a 'room' for each student which has its own white board, and I prepare all my lessons in advance. I upload material I want to discuss and students can download sheets from the room themselves.

Prices, Payment and Availability

My only availability at the moment is via my 11plusConsultancy, although the sessions are limited to once a fortnight. I am afraid I have no free regular slots until September 2023 and have currently closed my waiting list.


Before we agree to work together, I will ask you to read and accept the contents of a two-sided document explaining my prices and cancellation policy etc. I do charge for cancellations, so please bear that mind.

References, Testimonials, & Promises

You will have noticed that I have spread various comments from parents, former colleagues, and students around the pages of my site, except for one which was so long that it needed its own page! I am happy to put you in touch with current or previous parents if you wish to have a private reference.

I cannot - and will not - guarantee that your child will get into the school/university that you would like them to get into; nor can I promise that they will get the grades you would like them to achieve. I can promise that I will keep you up to date with their progress; will be realistic with you about your expectations for them; and refer you to someone else, if I feel I can't help them in the best way possible.


English tutors

If you can't wait until September 2023, try Eleanor Martindale. We have a similar ethos, approach and passion, and I highly recommend her as an English teacher. Like me she teaches the full range of students from younger ones up to A level; unlike me, she can teach English language A level. When I went off to do my three-month walk in 2017, Eleanor took over all my lessons with great success; and we have sometimes shared students when timings have been difficult for one of us.

If you are looking for help with 13+ English and Latin for boys and girls or for 11+ advice or lessons for boys, I can recommend Kate di Costanzo, a former Head of Prep and Director of Studies at prep schools sending children on to leading senior schools including Cheltenham Ladies College, Eton, Harrow and Magdalen College. Kate is also a published author for children! Kate fills in a signicant gap in my portfolio - 13+ is an area in which I am not a specialist. www.onlineenglishandlatintutor.co.uk

One of my colleagues is  Amanda J Harrington, who like me teaches English to all age groups. It has been wonderful getting to know her and learning about her teaching ethos. She is an author of all sorts of things, including study books and novels, and so her lessons are hugely creative (and involve the participation of her various dogs and cats!). Her novels are awesome - so check her out! I am particularly impressed with her approach to students who are struggling to do well - she is patient, firm, witty and very kind. She is a creative writing specialist. https://www.cumbriatutoronline.co.uk/

Another colleague is Anne Wolton who has over 30 years of experience of teaching, including working as a Head of Department. She has been an English GCSE examiner with nearly every board, including 20 years with AQA. Unlike anyone else I can recommend, Anne offers help with UKiset and is able to work as a reading intervention specialist.

11plusConsultancy Contacts

My friend and former colleague from St Paul's Girls' School Ezi Williams, now teaches GCSE and A level Chemistry at her home in Oxford and online. It was Ezi who encouraged me to work online and it is to her I go for advice and inspiration about tutoring. We have shared many students, as far apart as Hong Kong and Jersey, and they, like those at St Paul's, have been encouraged, motivated and challenged by Ezi's approach to teaching and learning. See Ezi's website, ChemHelp for more information. Ezi is part of my 11+ Consultancy team  and provides assessment interviews, and later a one-off mock interview for top independent schools. Contact her for more information. https://www.chemhelp.co.uk/

Roger Green, former Head of Maths at St Paul's Girls', Latymer, and Godolphin  is available for maths tuition. He is also working with me in my 11+ Consultancy project so do get in touch with him directly if you want advice about your math's application to independent schools at 11+. Roger taught me to scuba dive when I worked at St Paul's so I know he is a patient teacher! You can contact Roger Green here.

Former colleague from St Paul's Chris Hack is providing online Physics and Computing lessons. He worked at St Paul's Girls' School and then moved on to Magdalen College School where he was head of Physics.  He has joined me in my 11+ Consultancy project - he is able to provide advice about the computer test and the General Comprehension for the SPGS exam. This is his website: https://www.oxfordphysicstutor.co.uk/ We have also shared a student in Germany!


If you are a parent, have been looking at this page for your child, and have the urge to be excited by literature all over again then do consider Living Room Literature: a range of bespoke courses led by Dr Sarah Wah. Sarah and I worked together in the English department at St Paul's Girls' School and she continues to inspire me.  Sarah is based in West London but can also come to your own living room.


We feel enormously fortunate to have found Sophie.  My daughter needed solid 11+ prep, but I didn't want her to be robotically doing no more than extra past papers.  I was hoping to find someone who could cover the 11+ side very thoroughly, but also light the spark and help her develop a broad and deep interest in literature.  Sophie has done that brilliantly and we cannot thank her enough.  Her love of the subject is infectious.

Mother of year 6 student who received an offer from St Paul's Girls' School, Feb 2017

A Break from Online English Literature Tutoring on the Road to Santigo with Finn the Camio Dog, 2017

Sophie has been teaching my 11 year old daughter for over a year now and helped her tremendously when working towards her Year 6 SATs. The two of them built an immediate rapport and the lessons are something that my daughter looks forward to every week. We are continuing with Sophie into secondary school without hesitation. She is not someone who just teaches to prepare for an exam: she has a real love of literature and language, and her style of teaching is both engaging and full of beautiful insight. 


Mother of student with whom I worked for 2 years, 2013-15; I have worked with her again since 2017 to help prepare her for her GCSEs and now A levels