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A former English teacher at St Paul's Girls' School and lecturer at Oxford University, I now work as an independent English tutor. I offer online tutoring for all levels of English literature, including home-schooling; 11+ entrance, GCSE, iGCSE, A Level and university-level English; English language to GCSE; Oxbridge entrance; general enrichment for all ages; and creative writing lessons. In December I introduced a service called 11+ Consultancy providing advice and an assessment to year 5/6 students for their application to independent schools in the UK. I will be rolling this out to slightly younger students soon.

My current students are based all over the world: the UK & elsewhere in Europe; the Middle-East; Pakistan, Hong Kong & Singapore; New Zealand; the United States. I teach students from all backgrounds: I have just finished working with a well-known actor/model, being home-schooled; I now work with a mature student returning to study; several clever but unchallenged 8-9 year olds; and plenty of others in between.

All four of my A level students have just started at Oxford or Cambridge. My GCSE student were sadly unable to do their exams but they were all able to get excellent results. My regular 11+ students and students who took advantage of the newly-launched 11+ consultancy all got into the schools I predicted they would get into; and I am delighted to announce that I have recruited the former Head of Maths, a former marker of the General Comprehension, and a former 11+ interviewer at St Paul's Girls' School to help with this service. And my students have had success in creative writing competitions too: one has been highly commended by two prestigious awards; another has won a monthly competition.

I love English. I am lucky to have grown up in a family of English graduates, to have lived near good bookshops, libraries and theatres, and to have been taught by inspirational English teachers at Godolphin and Latymer in the 1980s. Not everyone is so fortunate but I believe it is never too late to fall in love with novels, poems and plays. I will help you to do better than you think is possible in your entrance exam, your end-of-year exams, your GCSEs, your A levels, even your degree, but I will also show you that English is an exciting, vital and enriching subject. I hope that after working with me you will decide that a Shakespeare play is worth seeing at the theatre because it is a play written by the greatest playwright we have ever known rather than a collection of words you are studying in class.

I am currently full with the exception of 11+ Consultancy sessions.  My next available regular slots are from Sept. 2021 in the European day-time (Central European Time 9.30 am to  4 pm) during the week. These would suit those in other time zones, sixth-formers or homeschooled students.  For more details see my Facts and Figures page.

I have no slots available during weekends or after school until September 2023 and am no longer accepting anyone for the waiting list, I am afraid.


I am still able to offer my 11+ Consultancy service instead, which is available on Saturday mornings or in holidays.



Sophie came into my life at a point where I began to doubt my abilities as an English student. Incidentally, this was after I had finished school where I had excelled in exams, but felt stunted in terms of my broader intellectual development when it came to applying to university. I was initially apprehensive at the prospect of using Skype for tuition, but as said by others, it is really like being in the room with her. I can only say that I’ve encountered a fair few highly qualified tutors, but none with the warmth nor commitment that Sophie has put into helping me. She is incredibly well-versed in English, to an extent that I hadn't seen with my own teachers at school, or anyone for that matter. Her breadth of knowledge and experience has enriched my essays, and the discussions I have had with her have greatly improved my confidence in practical criticism. She has encouraged me to read more carefully and be more discriminating in my responses, but more importantly, she has helped me understand why I want to read the subject at university. It also helps that she is very down to earth, which really makes a difference when you’re talking to someone who knows a lot more than you. I recommend her in the highest terms.


Student who received unconditional offer for Cambridge, Jan 2017

For me, Sophie was not just a tutor; she was a mentor. She would always ask me how I was getting on generally and offer sound advice. Her lessons were great fun and very interesting. I never got bored with Sophie. I will always thank her because it was her, more than anyone, who got me places at some of the best schools including St Paul's Girls'.

Student, Year 6, who gained places at St Paul's Girls' School and Godolphin & Latymer, Feb 2017

To say that I would recommend Sophie is an understatement. She is simply an inspiration and to be taught by her is an opportunity for your child, however able. Whether for enrichment, for further stimulation for a very creative child or for examination preparation (which she manages to do without sacrificing the joy in reading and discussing literature), I feel that any child’s confidence, self-belief and appreciation of the subject will improve and with that so will their performance.


Mother of a former online student (for her full testimonial see later on this site)

You were one of the loveliest and most enthusiastic people ever to teach me, and I always looked forward both to your lessons and to creative writing group. You were so supportive and constructive about creative writing and helped me - and others - develop the confidence to do things like enter competitions. You always managed both to be encouraging but not patronising for people in the class who weren't convinced about the merits of studying literature, and inspiring to people who were already excited about it. To have a teacher who knew their subject inside out but was also friendly and approachable was amazing and I was definitely not the only person to hugely appreciate all of the energy and care you put into teaching us...


Former student from St Paul's Girls' School

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